Flibco.com supports Erasmus students to travel the world and live new adventures!

Flibco.com is the European specialist for transport solutions to and from airports.  Using real-time flight schedules, we make sure to pick you up exactly when needed. By using flibco.com you can help in reducing the amount of vehicles on the road. Traveling together will help to minimize the impact on the environment. Fair-priced, Flibco.com gives you time to do exactly what you wish, listen to music, sleep, or work. Enjoy a comfortable journey with plentiful legroom and space for any type of luggage.

Use the code ESNTORINO23  and get 20% off on your airport travel.

The code is applicable for the following shuttle bus lines :

  • Milan – Bergamo Airport
  • Turin – Malpensa Airport
  • Turin – Turin Airport
  • Florence – Pisa Airport

The code is valid until 31/07/2024.