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Our partner Studyscript helps you if you need anything printed for university. This could be your lecture slides, so you can write down notes during the lecture. Or your bachelor or master thesis which you need with a premium-quality hard- or softcover.
Just upload your PDF files online and choose how you want to have it bound and which title you like. That’s it. Within the next three working days your printed document arrives at your apartment. And you even save money, because the printing prices are almost 50% below those of a typical copy
shop: Only 0,029 € for a black & white page, 0,10 € for a color page.

If there are any questions you can reach them every day via the live chat on their website

How to proceed:
1. Go to
2. Upload your PDF files and choose a title & binding
3. Enter the voucher code ERASMUS

Now you can relax. Your PDF files are printed, bound and send directly to your apartment. The delivery takes only 1 – 3 working days.

If you need to print your bachelors and master thesis, they also offer express delivery, so you order is at your place within 24 hours guaranteed!