Tomorrowland tickets for the Erasmus Generation

Erasmus Student Network and Tomorrowland are teaming up again to offer a limited amount of tickets. ESNcard holders will have access to a dedicated ticket sale at pre-sale prices. 

Join Erasmus Student Network at Tomorrowland and unite with your Erasmus friends at the festival! Tomorrowland takes place on July 21 to 23 and July 28 to 30, 2023

Every ESNcard holder can register between January 9, 15:00 CET and January 18,  15:00 CET and take part in the sale starting Thursday, January 19, 15:00 CET. A  maximum amount of two tickets* per order applies on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Be aware that the tickets are limited! 

Important: if you registered last year, you will have to link your ESNcard again in order to register for the Tomorrowland 2023 Sale. 

*One ticket needs to be personalized in the name of the ESNcard holder.